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DOWNLOAD 3 tracks

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 MP3 Track £1  FLAC Track £1.25  WAV Track £1.5

One of the biggest tracks out on the label since the launch of DARKMTTR, S.P.Y and Grimm's 'You And Me' has been given a double remix rework by New Zealand's Deep Notion and S.P.Y himself. The original collaboration of S.P.Y and Grimm produced a truly uplifting, atmospheric beauty and, while retaining the emotion of the original track, Deep Notion has taken the track to new, wobbly, bass heavy depths. S.P.Y follows up with his summer chill remix, lightening the mood and bringing a beachside sunset vibe.

Opening with Grimm's warm, melodic vocals and ethereal melody, the track quickly drops into the classic, heavy Deep Notion sound. Heavy basslines, tech-step influenced sounds and glitchy wobbles instantly get you vibing. Splitting the track is a quick cut breakdown, with Grimm's vocals gradually emerging out of the darkness, before the track drops heavy once again, rolling out with lighter tech sounds and an emotional, melancholy vibe. Deep Notion has flipped 'You And Me' on its head and has brought something truly original to the sound. If you like your drum and bass on the darker, heavier side, this will really get you turning it up.

In complete contrast, S.P.Y takes 'You And Me' in a totally different direction, creating a feel of summer, sand and sea, reworking the original track to get you ready for some time in the sun. With a strong chill out, atmospheric flow, the track dips into the sounds of melodic future garage and softens the beats to create a warm, deep roller. Grimm's vocals are wrapped in smooth rhythms and rocking rolling amen breaks. S.P.Y is bringing back his classic, trademark sound with this one, throwing back to his early musical tracks.

Two sides of the same coin, the new 'You And Me' remixes from Deep Notion and S.P.Y provide the perfect compliment to the original track. Like night and day, dark and light, the remixes bring contrasting flavours and will get you moving no matter what mood you're in.

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