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SUUNE and SIU make their DARKMTTR debut with ‘Impending’, a haunting, heavy smasher that builds and weaves through atmospheric breakdowns and proper head banging, stepper drops.


‘Impending’ opens with a dark, sci-fi inspired intro, with a liquid pulsating wave that gradually evolves through an echoing vocal into a crisp, sharp and stabbing drum beat. The energy level switches suddenly into an all out stepper break, with glitching sounds quickly grabbing your attention and piercing through the layers of sound. Dropping back into an ethereal breakdown, the track then launches headfirst into the next heavy rinse out. Made for the dance floor, this track from the crew in New Zealand will get everyone’s bass face in action.


We have been following SUUNE and SIU’s journey into the scene and are excited to add this filthy banger to the DARKMTTR collection. A stand out favourite in all of his sets recently, S.P.Y has been totally destroying dance floors with this track.

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