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DOWNLOAD 2 tracks

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 MP3 Track £1  FLAC Track £1.25  WAV Track £1.5

Exceptionally well respected in the scene, Kyrist is well known for her unique sound and on-point production. Equally skilled as a DJ and producer, Kyrist brings her dance floor flavour to DARKMTTR with the banging two track single ‘Arroyo / NTY’.

Opening the release with a bang, ‘Arroyo’ is a true moody stepper, laced with deeper atmospheric layers of drum and bass. The heavy bassline features hints of the classic tech-step sound, delivered in a way only Kyrist can do. Distorting, haunting vocals weave through the track, interspersed between bouncing, rolling drums.

Taking it up with a higher energy is ‘NTY’, the growling baseline rumbling through the rolling drums and contrasting with the tech-step vibe. Just as the track seems to settle into a groove, sharp switches change direction at every turn. This is truly one for the dance floor, vibing through the waves of the track it’s hard to not get moving.

This double track release from Kyrist is a heavy hitter and perfectly showcases the sound she has been smashing dance floors with around the world.

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