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DOWNLOAD 2 tracks

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 MP3 Track £1  FLAC Track £1.25  WAV Track £1.5

Bringing his trademark sound and renowned darker flavour, DJ Limited has his DARKMTTR debut with double header Hardcore Style feat. S.P.Y / Luminescent feat. Lizzy Stringer. 

Hardcore Style is a vibing dance floor roller, paying homage to the formidable underground rave sound of the 90’s. Twisting and turning through haunting vocals and heavy baselines, the track captures the high energy of a true dance floor rave banger, before dramatically switching to stomping, ‘bass face’ inducing beats. The collaboration between DJ Limited and S.P.Y has created a truly unique sound for this track. 

Rounding out the release is Luminescent, a moody, deep track which perfectly combines a heavy, reverberating baseline with smooth, silky vocals delivered by Lizzy Stringer. The ethereal intro steadily builds into an emotional roller that has been smashing at clubs across the country, creating some proper eyes closed, swaying, hands in the air moments.

This duo release of contrasting flavours perfectly showcases the DJ Limited sound, whilst bringing something new to DARKMTTR for 2023.

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