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DOWNLOAD 2 tracks

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 MP3 Track £1  FLAC Track £1.25  WAV Track £1.5

Jaydan lands back in the DARKMTTR atmosphere with his third huge release on the label - ‘Body Movin / Blinded’. Staying true to his signature sound of warping melodies and twisted basslines, Jaydan drops a two track single even heavier than before.

Kicking off the double header release is ‘Body Movin’, hitting out hard with it’s stepper drums and haunting, sliding groans punctuating the intro. Soulful vocals drop suddenly and the vibe changes direction, layering up with energetic, bouncing percussive beats. As the melody swerves through the changing elements, Jaydan’s signature wobbly bassline enters the groove. After a brief reprieve in the breakdown, the full weight of the track smashes down, keeping everyone moving right to the end.

The second track of the single, ’Blinded’, opens with a lo-fi, melodic loop and the familiar crackle of vinyl on a turntable. Sweet, soothing, vocals expertly disguise the weighty, dark drop about to take the track to a new level of depth. The moody bassline completely takes over, creating a deep, rolling vibe making you just want to feel that vibration in your speakers. 

Jaydan’s releases always bring another level of dark, twisted and atmospheric drum and bass and ‘Body Movin / Blinded’ is no exception. Pure quality and moody weightiness from start to finish, Jaydan really brings the goods with this one!

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